Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Rant #870: I'm Back

Yes, I am back a little early.

I guess I can't stay away here for too long.

The holiday wasn't too bad, except for one major thing.

My computer broke down for the umpteenth time, so I am using my wife's netbook to type this out.

I since found out from the repair shop that the computer died, as the hard drive is shot. They are going to try to back up what they can, and then I have to get another computer.

Woe is me!

Otherwise, we saw plenty of relatives at different get togethers, which is always a good thing.

I actually slept until 8 a.m. today, probably the first time in at least six months that I was able to reach that milestone.

I watched my own mini-marathon of "Leave It to Beaver" yesterday, via some DVDs I have. It is still my favorite situation comedy of all time, and the very "Christian" values developed on that show made it the perfect program to watch on Christmas.

My Knicks lost yesterday, but you can't have everything. They play again tonight, so it is time to get back in the win column.

My kids seem happy, my wife is at work today, so she is not too happy, but all in all, things were OK the past few days ,,,

But if I could just get back my computer in one piece, I would be much, much happier.

It is so funny how computers have not only entered our lives, they sometimes run our lives too.

I don't know if I have gotten to that point yet, and I hope I never will.

But not having a computer is like having toast without butter.

So I am happy that I at least have my wife's computer to use in this time of personal emergency.

I hope everyone had a nice holiday, and it is back to work for me tomorrow, or "back to the salt mines" as Mr. Rutherford says on "Beaver."

Speak to you tomorrow.,

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