Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rant #988: Catch of a Lifetime

Continuing along the baseball theme this week, yes, the Yankees ended up playing the Dodgers yesterday, and they played them twice.

Due to the rainout on Tuesday, they had a day/night doubleheader at Yankee Stadium yesterday.

The Yankees won the first game, 6-4, and lost the nightcap, 6-0.

The winning team in each game had to get the required 27 outs to secure their victory, and yes, there were numerous fly ball outs that had to be made.

But no catch was as important as the one made yesterday out of Yankee Stadium in Brooklyn by the child of one of baseball's greatest figures.

Cristina Torre, a Montessori teacher from Brooklyn and one of the elder children of Joe Torre, former Cardinal and Brave great and ultra-successful Yankees manager who now works in the baseball commissioner's office, caught a young child who fell out of the window of an apartment yesterday.

Evidently, the teacher had been having coffee in a donut shop and was alerted, with everyone else in shouting distance, that a young child was dangling from a window nearby.

She ran out of the shop like others did to see what all the commotion was about.

Evidently, the child somehow got loose and crawled through an open window while her parents were sleeping.

Finally, the child could not hold on anymore, and fell--

Into Torre's arms.

The parents have been charged with child endangerment, and the family's pastor has had window guards installed after the incident.

But the story with Torre is pretty incredible. What a coincidence, wouldn't you say?

Anybody could have been there and caught this child, but it just so happened that the child of the former All-Star has as good hands, or even better, than her very proud papa.

How the child could have gotten loose like that is another story, which I am sure will be investigated by Child Protective Services, but the basic story, of Torre catching the falling kid, really is a story of serendipity, isn't it?

And it is pretty sure that you can say that nobody in that family--and remember, Joe Torre's brother Frank also played in the major leagues--ever made a better catch.

This is my final column for the week, as I have to go for my dreaded eye exam tomorrow, so I am taking the day off from work and from here.

Speak to you on Monday.

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