Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rant #41: Pay Up, Or Beat It

Back to Michael Jackson ...

I read that Los Angeles spent $1.4 million to provide security, traffic control and other services for Michael Jackson's memorial service. It cost so much that the financially troubled city is looking for ways to have others help them to pay this bill. They have even set up a Web site to collect donations.

AEG, which produced the memorial service, hasn't paid for anything, and neither has the Jackson family.

Heck, I hope when it is time for me to go that someone else picks up all the costs associated with my funeral. If they do, I can have a gold lined casket and maybe even be eulogized by Rev. Al (even though I am not of his faith).

All kidding aside, you would think that either AEG or the Jackson family would pay for at least part of this. And for Los Angeles to ask the general public for help ... I mean, are they kidding?

Jackson's LPs are selling out across America. You would think the family could take a portion of those proceeds and pay for the memorial, and maybe even give the city a little more, but, well, I guess they haven't thought about that yet.

Heck, maybe old blubberpuss, er, Rev. Al, might be able to fork over some money for this. Maybe he can forego his cross-country traveling for a day or two and give Los Angeles just a little bit of money ...

Ah, I was just dreaming I guess.


  1. I heard that the city of LA has a paypal account for donations to cover the cost of the MJ memorial. Not sure if that's a joke or not but the whole MJ nonsense is.

  2. I would have to agree. To put on such an ornate memorial, and then basically skip town without paying a dime for it, is not only ridiculous, it should be criminal. But in the Jackson family defense, L.A. also held a celebration for the NBA champion Lakers that they had to foot the bill for, so they, themselves, got into deep water. Nonetheless, I would think the Jackson family would be a little more understanding--that is, if the city even went to them for some payback, which is questionable. The whole thing is a mess, as is this entire fiasco revolving around MJ and the celebration of his death and life. Let's move on.



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