Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rant #49: Cool Summer Not Too Hot

I live on the East Coast, and we usually look forward to summer as a respite for miserable weather during other times of the year.

Well, this year, the miserable weather has continued ... into the summer.

"Miserable" might be something of a strong word here. I mean, it is sunny out there now, the weather is pretty good ...

But it's not summer, although the calendar says it is.

As of today, we have not hit 90 in my neck of the woods since April 28. The only reason I remember this is that it was my birthday, and I could have sworn that we were going to have a hot summer, with the weather warming up to this level so early in the year.

But it simply wasn't meant to be. Thus far, July is the coolest July on record. We barely get into the 80s on most days. Yesterday, we had rain most of the day, and the high was 71--but that level was reached early in the morning, and for most of the day, it was about 69 or so.

Happily, at least my family got to Florida on vacation, where it was pleasant--in the mid to high 80s--and we were able to swim just about every day.

Back home, we have barely touched the backyard pool, because it is just too darn cold.

Don't get me wrong; I am not one of those people who live for the sun. I hate when it gets too hot, and I hate when it is so hot that you could fry an egg on my head.

But this summer really isn't much of a summer weather-wise; it is more like spring.

Which leads me to wonder ... will fall be like summer? Will winter be like fall?

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