Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rant #50: So Where Is Everybody?

I can't believe I have posted 50 rants on this site. It has been a lot of fun ...

But only seemingly for me and a couple of other people.

I have posted rants about a diverse amount of subjects--Michael Jackson, baseball, ampersands, and the weather, just to name a few--but I haven't received many replies.

I know that people are coming to the site, because it has received well over 1,000 hits since its creation. This is not a huge amount in the blog universe, but I am pretty satisfied with that number.

I know that people are coming to the site from not just the United States, but also Europe.

So why so few replies?

I don't know. I think people like to read rather than post.

But if you agree or disagree with something, please let me know. It makes everything that much more fun for me and those who come to the site.

As you know, I have joined Twitter, but frankly, I haven't seen any benefits from it yet. I've gotten a number of followers, but most of them I have deleted, because they have links to porn sites. The others I have seem to be legitimate, and one of the followers is Newsweek, so I guess they like to see what's going on in the blog universe too.

But back to this site--please respond when something touches you, when something riles you, when something needs to be said by you. That is the only way to keep this thing going.

Thanks for your understanding and hopefully, I will get some more involvement by you, the visitors to this blog.


  1. I read it and follow it. I don't have a counter on my blog have no clue if anyone reads it, surely don't get many comments there.
    Keep ranting i'll be here reading!

  2. Thanks for letting me know that you are there, Drake. And if anything gets up your dander, please let me know about it through a post on the blog.

  3. Just wanted you to know I've still been reading every post and will continue to do so. Sorry i haven't commented for a few posts.

  4. Thanks, Bobb, for letting me know. You help keep this blog going. YOu have made plenty of comments already, and I really appreciate it.



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