Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rant #36: Michael Jackson-A Whiter Shade of Pale Beats It

I was on vacation when I heard the news about his passing.

This guy was mentally ill, a sick person. Yes, he was an awfully cute kid, tremendously talented, but the older he got, the screw became that much looser.

He was sick, mentally, physically and emotionally. I won't get into everything, because the media has covered his life pretty well, but I am uncomfortable with the fact that it is now politically incorrect to say anything bad about this demented person now that he is gone, but I have never cared about being PC, so who cares?

Although he was never convicted of child molestation, it is pretty well acknowledged that he at least had inappropriate relationships with children.

That being said, why we are applauding a sick character like this is beyond me.

I guess his death has given Al Sharpton's career new life.

Also, I find the parallels between Jackson's death and Elvis' death eerie--and also the fact that Elvis had pedophilic (perhaps my own word) problems too.

And for all the people whose lives have been forever disrupted by his passing-please grow up! It's not like a close relative has died, you know.

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