Friday, June 19, 2009

Ranting and Raving Goes On Vacation

Just to let everybody (or the few of you who do visit this blog) know that my family and I will be taking our vacation starting at the end of business today. We will be both home and away, but I am going to go on a real vacation--from the Internet. I am going to limit my Internet time, so it is a real, honest to goodness vacation.

But please, spread the word about Ranting and Raving. Any of my rants can still be answered, and I will do my best to follow up on the posts once I return to normalcy.

It has been fun doing this blog, even though not too many people know about it. I am still trying to improve that situation, but so far, the results have not been good. As I said previously, I am not happy with Twitter, which I think is vastly overrated.

Anyway, this is my last post until sometime in July, so have fun and I will get back on here soon.


  1. Have a great vacation Larry!

  2. Thanks. My wife and I really need a vacation. We have been working very hard and we both feel a bit burnt out, so this comes at a good time.

    Speak to you soon.



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