Friday, June 19, 2009

Rant #35: I Hate Ampersands!

I hate ampersands, or the character that represents the word "and."


As a writer, I think it is simply lazy when people use this symbol instead of writing out the word. I mean, how difficult is it to write out the a-n-d? If you are writing, it takes a second. If you are typing, it's three key strokes and you are done.

I also hate it when corporations use the ampersand in their names, such as Procter & Gamble. What is wrong with Procter a-n-d Gamble?

In our Internet world, people look to shorten their messages by using electronic acronyms in place of words, such as LOL, BF, etc., and in this world, the ampersand has gone through a revival, because many computer users use it to shorten their messages.

However, maybe I am a traditionalist, but I can't stand its use. When I am writing, I avoid it like the plague.

It's a-n-d for me, and it will always be a-n-d.

& I dnt cr f nobdy lks it.


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