Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rant #25: I Hate Ties

I hate to wear ties. To me, they are like modern equivalent of nooses around your neck.

However, I am required to wear a tie at work. The only thing that I have found that they are good for is to wipe off your glasses.

This morning, while eating my usual breakfast of Cheerios (really a store brand knockoff) and milk, I must have gotten some of the milk on my tie, because when I got to work, I noticed that there was a stain on my tie.

I tried to get rid of the stain with some water, but all that it did was to expand the stain. Now it really looks ridiculous!

How do you get a stain out of a tie? How do you wash a tie safely?

It just tells me that ties are a waste of time. They add nothing to what you are wearing, and who is to say that one who does not wear a tie is less professional looking than one who does?

Women are not required to wear ties, although I think they would look a lot nicer than men if they did wear ties.

My conclusion is that ties are a waste of time. Especially if they have a stain on them that you don't know how to remove.


  1. I've never liked wearing ties, and I'm glad I don't need to wear one very often.

  2. I can't see the need to wear a tie at work when you are just working, not meeting anybody, just sitting at your desk and working. I go for business casual.



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