Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rant #29: Hate Is (Still) All Around

I was very disturbed to hear that a gunman had entered the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C., and opened fire.

What's worse, the alleged gunman is an 88 year old who has been fostering anti-Semitic hatred for basically his whole life.

What really gets me is that he has maintained a Web site, where he is able to spew forth his venomous attacks.

Is the Internet still the Wild, Wild West? Does anything still go on this electronic medium? Do those that allow these sites to exist have any modicum of decency?

I don't understand how a guy like this is able to get away with having such a Web site. Doesn't his Internet provider see how he is using their service? Do they care?

Evidently not. The gunman's site is one of virtually thousands that spew anti-Semitic crap, and people do visit these sites.

That's the scary thing--this hatred is out there, and there is little anybody can do to stop it, especially when it's all over the Internet.

I can't believe that people continue to believe that the Holocaust did not happen. I guess you believe what you want to believe, but not to believe that this actually happened is something so twisted to me that I simply cannot understand it.

My heart goes out to the security guard who took a bullet and died while doing his job ... from an 88-year-old piece of trash who should have been confined to some type of mental facility a long time ago.


  1. The First Amendment does allow those who hold vile, reprehensible views, such at the perpetrator of the murder and attack at the Holocaust Museum to express them, within certain broad limits. I also can't believe that any thinking person, no matter what their views, could deny the Holocaust. Their doing so insides a deep pathology.

    The purveyors of hate will always be there and spread their evil message on the Internet, but their presence online also makes these individuals and groups easier to monitor by organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the activities of hate groups, and by law enforcement as warranted.

  2. True, very true, but I think the existence of the Internet--and their use of this medium to spew their vile hatred--actually perpetuates these groups. I just cannot believe that a provider would allow such a Web site to operate. I know it is a First Amendment issue, but I feel that when you are using this electronic medium, maybe the laws have to be rewritten, or at least updated, to reflect this type of communication.

    And like Hitler, this guy was a frustrated artist. What's with frustrated artists? I thought art helps you allay your frustrations with the world. I guess not.



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