Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rant #70: Butt Naked But Why Naked?

I am not going to name names--mainly because they don't need any more press on their "exploits"--but are you as sick and tired as I am of actors and actresses pleading "innocent" when it comes to naked photos and videos of them turning up on the Web?

Adults can pretty much do whatever they want when it comes to their bodies, and if they want to tape or photograph themselves in any stage of dress or undress, that is their right. But keep the video or photos to yourself, and keep them in a secure place. A secure place is not the hard drive of your computer, where the latest celebrity nudie celebration was reportedly stolen from.

Since the days of Pamela Anderson (oops, I named a name), I truly believe that these videos and photos are being used as promotional devices for those in them. I am not talking about the video showing an ESPN broadcaster undressing--that was a pure abridgment of the woman's personal rights--I am talking about the photos and videos showing actors and actresses either naked or engaged or both that turn up on the Web pretty regularly.

Look, we all know that no publicity is bad publicity, and these actors and actresses know that too. So when one of these things surfaces, they get their name in the paper for a day or two or three, and, of course, they let the world know that they either knew nothing about this thing or if they knew about it, it was for their personal pleasure and wasn't supposed to get out to the public.

Sure, OK.

And believe me, these things are so bad--and the explanations are so unbelievable--it almost makes you want to see a real porno film with real porno actors and actresses doing their thing.


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