Friday, August 21, 2009

Rant #71: Obama-Wear Alerts Running Threadbare

Yesterday, I talked about people taking their clothes off; today, I am going to be talking about people keeping their clothes on.

The President and the First Lady have come under a lot of scrutiny about what they wear and how they wear it, and I think the time has come for us, and the media, to move on from this fascination--and criticism--about how our First Family dresses.

The President has come under a lot of criticism for his preference for leisure wear rather than formal suits, shirts and ties. And within that scrutiny has been a lot of upheaval about what type of clothes he wears when he opts for leisurewear--remember the jeans "fiasco" during Major League Baseball's All-Star Game? And how about his swimsuit pictures, remember those?

And as for the First Lady, Michelle Obama's fashion choices are going to be looked at under a microscope, anyway, because of her position as the wife of the President, but what the media has been doing has gotten to the point of being somewhat ridiculous.

They crab about the length of her skirt, her sleeveless attire, and most recently, her wearing of shorts.

I mean, c'mon, her choice of attire mirrors what most women wear when they are at leisure, I would think, and certainly is what women of her age wear.

This is not the 1920s. The First Lady--and she is a young First Lady--should be able to wear whatever she wants without being trashed by others.

Personally, although I don't agree on a lot of issues supported by the President, the one issue I do like is the fact that his and his wife's choice of dress is much like what my wife and I wear. This choice of attire shows that the Obamas are not as stuffy as many, if not most, of their predecessors. They are common people just like we are, at least looking at what they wear.

Maybe that was their plan in their choice of dress, although I doubt it. The President has said that he has had few suits in his closet in the past, and I believe him.

Personally, as I've said before on this blog, I hate ties, and thus, I really hate suits.

But I like the Obamas clothing choices, and I wish the media would get off the perch that they are on and look at more important matters.

And that's the long (sleeves) and short (pants) of it.


  1. I can't believe the nonsense about what the Obama's wear, i agree the media needs to report real news and not make news out of trivial things.

  2. The Obamas are celebrities, whether we like it or not, or whether they like it or not. The current state of the media has been "Entertainment Tonight"-ed, so that the coverage of nonsense like this becomes news. I agree, issues should be covered, not what clothes people are wearing, but that's not how it's done in today's world.



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