Monday, October 26, 2009

Rant #118: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This (Again)

This was an extremely busy weekend for myself and my family.

We traveled to Oswego, New York, to visit my daughter who goes to college there. The trip there was horrid, because we hit rain at every turn ... and not just rain, but torrential downpours.

I saw my daughter, and she looked good. She is a senior, set to graduate next May, and she wants to be an elementary education teacher. I hope she can get a position, what with so many teaching positions being cut all over the country.

I saw her apartment, and was pleased with what I saw. She does not live on campus, and her apartment is pretty nice.

We settled down to watch the sixth game of the American League Championship Series on Saturday night, only to see that the game had been rained out. I was hoping that the rain that followed us had tagged along with us and moved away from the Bronx, but it was not meant to be.

So, back home on Sunday night (the trip was fine, the weather was great), I settled down to watch the sixth game, and was very pleased that slightly after midnight, the Yankees had won their 40th pennant, beating the pesky Angels 5-2. As I write this, I am pretty bleary eyed, but it was worth staying up and watching the whole thing (and watching the post-game celebration).

Now, it is on to the World Series, and this should be a good one. The Yankees and Phillies are very similar teams. They both have adequate pitching, and both rely on the long-ball. The matchups are terrific at every position, and the games should be a lot of fun to watch, even if you aren't a fan of either team.

During the game last night, Fox periodically flashed up the Giants' football game score. They ended up losing, but I know they were doing this as a "public service" for all of those poor, unfortunate souls who decided to vacate their Sunday night football fix for baseball. The Giants lost, and I grieve for them ...


It's still baseball season, my friends, and until the last out is registered in the 2009 World Series, it will continue to be baseball season.

The Yankees in seven. I can't wait until Game One on Wednesday!

Other observations: In a post-game interview on the field, Fox baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal brought up some negatives from the Yankees past as he interviewed Derek Jeter. "You haven't been to the World Series since 2003 and you haven't won a World Series since 2000 ... ." Then Jeter remarked, "You would have to bring up all the negatives," and he looked agitated throughout the entire interview.

Jorge Posada was being interviewed by Kenny Albert in the champagne-soaked clubhouse. He was standing with his kids, and AJ Burnett was squirting him unmercifully with champagne while being interviewed. Posada turned to Burnett (off camera) in the middle of the interview and shouted, "AJ!" and then something in Spanish. I didn't know AJ Burnett knew Spanish, but I don't think you had to know the language to understand that Posada was really upset over his teammate's behavior.

Finally, New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg was standing with an assemblage as the various trophies were being passed out. Having no business being there in the first place--he is really a Boston Red Sox fan who really doesn't like baseball too much--he kept on getting on camera, shifting himself so he would be in full view of the camera. He was dying to get some air time, as he is running for mayor again and still is being criticized for running the city like an emperor and casting off the term-limits rule in his favor. Happily, Fox and Albert did not bite, and Bloomberg looked ridiculous as he sashayed into camera view.

Let's go Yankees!

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