Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Rant #109: It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Baseball remains king during October, with the Divisional Series featuring all kinds of excitement, even though they also featured three sweeps of four series, with the fourth series being won in four games.

The Cardinals, a team which many picked as favorites to represent the National League in the World Series, fell hard to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers’ three-game sweep was highlighted by a botched fly ball by Matt Holliday which doomed the Cardinals in game two. The Redbirds could not get back in the saddle at home in game three, and the Dodgers were victorious.

The Red Sox lost to the Angels, and the series went only three games because the Angels were able to pull out game three on the road at Fenway Park. Jonathan Papplebon--the Red Sox’s usually reliable closer—gave up a few hits when the Angels were down to their last strike, and the Red Sox could not recover.

The Yankees swept the Twins, and two of the three games were nip and tuck the entire way. In Saturday’s game, a horrendous call by the umpire down the left field line may have doomed the Twins, but by placing at least one runner in every inning of the 12-inning game, the Twins blew it themselves by not executing during crucial moments. And Alex Rodriguez turned around his past playoff performance with three big games. (And I thank you, Kate Hudson. Whatever you are doing for A-Rod, please keep it going.)

Only the Phillies-Rockies series was not determined in three games. Bad calls marred Sunday’s game, as did a snowstorm which postponed Saturday’s game. Yesterday's game featured a big comeback by the Phillies.

I just love this wall-to-wall baseball, and I loved the earlier starting times for the Yankees games. I am sure that that will change when they face the Angels on the West Coast.

But if you love baseball like I do, you had to love this past week. I just couldn’t get enough of it, and how can football compare to this?

It can't.

As a Yankees fan, I look forward to this Friday, as the Yankees try to beat the Angels and move to the World Series, which, due to a late starting date, will most likely be decided in November.


  1. Larry,
    I couldn't be happier about how the Yankees are playing! I was lucky enough to be in the city on September 11, and also lucky enough to have a ticket to watch Derek Jeter make history! Hopefully this will be the year - Go Yankees!
    Richard Anselmo

  2. They have really looked good this postseason. As a life-long Yankees fan, I hope it continues.



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