Friday, October 30, 2009

Rant #122: Some Random Thoughts ...

Here are some random thoughts for today. None of these deserve a full blog piece, so I thought I would pile them all together.

"This Is It" is No. 1 at the Box Office: So I see that the Michael Jackson concert film "This Is It" is the top grossing film at the box office.

Top grossing, this is it! With the knowledge that Jackson died just a few hours after most of these scenes were filmed, to be able to sit there and watch this ... well, moviegoers must be crazy, sick themselves, or both. If I want to see him, I want to see him when he was young and so, so talented, before he became a freak. I guess that is what YouTube is for.

Jon Gosselin Finds Religion: The reality TV star has seemingly found religion. Evidently, he is half-Jewish, and in his time of turmoil, he is turning to his Jewish roots (on his father's side) to try to deal with his demons.

All I have to say is this--Who is Jon Gosselin anyway, and when will he and his former wife and his girlfriends and his kids and everyone else associated with this nonsense go away somewhere so we don't have to hear about this idiocy anymore?

Lou Dobbs' House Gets Shot At: Happily, the bullet didn't hit anybody. It could have been an errant shot from hunters, but if you believe that, I may have a bridge to sell you.

You just know that somebody was trying to send Dobbs a message, but that message could have killed someone.

Yankees Win, Even Up World Series: All I can say is that this makes me happy. If they had gone to Philadelphia down 2-0, they would have had a steep hill to climb, but one that I think that they could have pulled out anyway.

What can I say. I am a die-hard Yankees fan and I think that they can win this thing--in seven games.

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