Monday, October 5, 2009

Rant #103: Not a Red-Letter Day For Letterman

It consistently amazes me how seemingly smart, talented people so often get entwined in things that come back to haunt them.

The most recent case in point is CBS late-night talk show host David Letterman, who outed a producer from the show “48 Hours” as the person who had launched a plot to blackmail him with information related to affairs Letterman had supposedly had with female staffers.

The talk show host made this known to a stunned audience on his show during the night of October 1.

First of all, I have to commend Letterman for coming clean to his viewers. Word would have gotten out anyway through the tabloids, and he would have looked even stupider than he does now if that happened.

And that leads me to my next point. Whether working in an office or working on the staff of a major TV show, one of the first rules is that you don’t date anyone in the office, and you certainly don’t have a sexual relationship with them. This is just common sense.

Why did Letterman stoop so low? He has had a committed relationship to the person he eventually married for a number of years now, and has a son through that relationship. Why was he hunting around for more female flesh to conquer?

And the person who was trying to blackmail him—what were his motives? We have since learned that he had a huge child support bill to pay each month, but anybody making more than $300,000 a year like he was should have been able to afford the $72,000 or so he was paying for his two kids.

Heck, making much less, I was able to afford my payments just fine.

I think there are a lot of holes in this story that need to be filled that probably won’t be, at least for us, the general public. How many women were involved? When did this take place? For how long? Did the women cooperate with the accused? Etc., etc., etc.

A couple of women have come out, but since they were all subordinates to Letterman, I would think CBS would run some type of internal investigation of these incidents. If it is proven that Letterman used his power as "the man" to seduce these women--threaten them with a loss of their job if they didn't succumb--I would think that CBS might have to take some punitive action against the talk show host.

Although I feel some compassion for Letterman, he may be a funny guy, but he has proven himself to be not a very bright one.

Oh, I know, there are people so dedicated to Letterman that they will back him no matter what he does, but once again, if it was your daughter who he painted into a corner, wouldn't your views of him change? That is the yardstick that I use, and yes, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed based on this latest episode.

I wonder when the first tell-all book about Letterman and his show will come out--and you know it will, especially since the door has now been opened with this latest escapade.


  1. Money equals power,and men have ALWAYS dropped their pants for ANYTHING of the female persuation.That being said, it takes TWO to tango and I am SURE these women were more than willing to light his fire by flicking the bic, pumping the stump loping the mule or flogging the pope. Which ever way you look at it, the song will forever remain the same when it comes to sex power and money.Like none of us out there in T.V. land didn't think Dave would be up ( no pun intended here folks) to these types of shennanigans. Get real.Show me a man with money and power who hasn't taken advantage and I guarantee he's either a saint, a monk or an alien.As for the wife.....believe me, she's not stupid.

  2. The mighty fall from power because they can't keep their pants on all the time. I remember TV preacher Jimmy Swaggart's admission of infidelity, and I also remember Jim Bakker crying on TV. I think in this case, a lot of nasty stuff has yet to come out, but if Letterman used his leverage against these women, then his real fall may very well be coming.



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