Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rant #352: So Long

Yesterday, my wife and I attended a funeral.

My wife's longest lasting friend was laid to rest. She had battled cancer for several years, and after a brave struggle, she succumbed over the weekend.

The funeral was held at a cemetery in New Jersey. It was actually a very pretty location, with rolling hills amidst all the headstones and plots.

The service was held at graveside, and the official leading the service was very eloquent in his presentation to those assembled.

He basically said that her death should not be held in vain, that it simply ended a life of resillency that carried over to her son, her daughter, and the love of her life, her granddaughter.

My wife grew up with her friend, and they remained life-long companions, through thick and thin. There were good times and bad times between them, but they remained friends to the end.

My wife said that the last time she spoke with her friend, just a few weeks ago, it was very difficult to talk with her. Due to her treatment, she was going in and out of coherency during the conversation.

I know my wife told her to keep a positive attitude, but there is only so much that a positive attitude can do.

During the graveside service, there were tears, and some laughter. This person, who I honestly barely knew, left a lot of memories for the assembled, and they let it out, as they should.

The woman's legacy is her family, and they are good people. I know they will make their mother, and grandmother, proud of them as they live their own lives.

And for the others, including my wife, there are lots of memories to behold. And I am sure that those memories will last a lifetime.

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