Friday, October 15, 2010

Rant #354: More Random Thoughts

Again, there is nothing here that deserves a full rant, but still, it's all pretty interesting, isn't it?

Lindsay Lohan Gets Caught On Coke Run: At the Betty Ford Rehab Center, patients are not allowed any caffeinated beverages.

Well, you didn't think that this rule would stop Ms. Lohan, who wouldn't know what a rule was if it stared her in the face. News reports say that she and at least one other patient tried to scale a wall at the clinic so they could get to a nearby vending machine to buy Coca-Cola. Evidently, the clothes of the other person got snagged on the wall, and the duo were caught in their tracks. Her "people" deny this event happened.

Well, at least she wasn't going out to buy cocaine.

34th Anniversary of Yankees' Pennant Winning Home Run: I was at this game on October 14, 1976. It was freezing all the way in the upper deck, but when Chris Chambliss clubbed his ninth inning homer versus the Kansas City Royals, it was one of the greatest moments in Yankees history, and one that I will cherish my entire life.

The place was going so crazy that I actually felt Yankee Stadium shake. My friends and I didn't get home until the early hours of October 15, but it didn't matter, the Yankees won the pennant ...

Only to eventually lose to the "Big Red Machine" Reds in a four game World Series sweep.

I guess you can't have everything go right for you after all.

No More Phone Books?: The Public Service Commission approved a request from Verizon to discontinue automatic delivery of its residential white pages in book form. For now on, if you want the book, you are going to have to ask for it.

This decision won praise from environmentalists, who cited the number of trees it takes to make these huge books and the amount of dollars it costs to discard them.

Well, I hope that when they can't find a phone number by any other means than looking it up that they remember all the trees they've saved.

(By the way, I have had an unlisted phone number for years, so I don't contribute to these problems.)

Yankees Crush Puppy Love Letters: The Yankees have crushed efforts to publish 60-year-old "puppy love" letters between a pretty 16-year-old Ohio girl and a smitten college-age George Steinbrenner, the elderly woman's family said yesterday.

Mary Jane Schriner, 78, had hoped to finally write about her long-ago relationship with Steinbrenner after his death last July, stunning even her own family when she produced 19 letters the future Boss wrote her between 1949 and 1952.

The Yankees refused to give their permission to the publishing of these letters, and copyright law prevents Schriner from publishing them on her own.

My question to Schriner: Would the public even care about this anyway? Steinbrenner was not known as one of the world's great lovers, just the greatest baseball owner of all time. I mean, we're not talking about Warren Beatty here.

Why would anybody care about this, and why wasn't there a thought about publishing them while Steinbrenner was alive?

Mexican TV Reporter to Do Work On Sidelines: A Mexican television reporter who said she felt uncomfortable in the New York Jets locker room last month is returning to work and plans to conduct her interviews anywhere but there.

Ines Sainz of TV Azteca will be back on the job next week and said she suggested to the NFL that, from now on, she talk to players on the field or on the sideline.

Sorry, honey, I don't buy anything having to do with this episode except that players should have treated you like any other reporter when you were speaking with them. I admit that their behavior was pretty childish.

That aside, you have done nothing to make me buy into your story, and you have no credibility. You wear rather skimpy, unprofessional clothing while doing the interviews, you talk about this episode endlessly rather than handle this with dignity, and yes, we know, you have been in Maxim and showed plenty more than you do at football games.

Perhaps if you would have shut up after filing the first complaint, people would side with you. Instead, you never shut up about it. Enough already. Act professionally and you will be treated the same way. You are not the only female reporter in the locker room, and you won't be the last, but your grandstanding is real stale now.

Shut up!

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