Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Rant #361: Hiccup, Hiccup

I haven't had a bizarre story to report on in a while, which makes this story all the more inviting for its gruesomeness, and also due to who it involved.

About three years ago, Jennifer Mee, then a 16 year old girl, made national headlines when she could not stop hiccuping. Mee's hiccups, at about 50 a minute, could not be stopped by any remedy. She appeared on the "Today" show and met some famous people who learned of her plight and wanted to know that they supported her.

After several weeks of hiccuping, they stopped, all by themselves.

But Mee's life spiral evidently started. She ran away from home twice, and the teenager's mom said the girl had not lived with her in over a year.

In the meantime, Mee has become a felon. She, and two others, have just been charged with first degree murder in the death of Shannon Griffin, a man she met online. Allegedly, she and her accomplices lured the man to a house, robbed him, and then fatally shot him.

Concurrently, her family has sued a hiccup cure company for allegedly using Mee's image for profit without permission.

What a story! I can see a TV movie coming out of this, can't you?

Did the hiccups make her crazy, or did the lack of hiccups drive her insane?

Maybe the hiccups--or lack thereof--had nothing to do with Mee's behavior since she stopped having them, but somehow, this girl moved into a downward spiral that might had led to murder.

Evidently, although she lived with her mother in Florida, she pined to move to Vermont, where her estranged father lives.

We have all had hiccups, and depending on the length of the episode, they can drive you crazy.

But for most of us, the episode lasts a few minutes, and then it is gone.

But for Mee, the episode lasted several weeks. I have heard of others who have had hiccups for months at a time. It does happen.

But what drove the teenager to allegedly commit this heinous act?

Who knows, but she probably won't be able to hiccup this one away as quickly as she got rid of her hiccups, that's for sure.

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