Friday, April 29, 2011

Rant #494: A Royal Pain In the Butt

Do you care about the royal wedding, which is taking place as I speak?

Sorry, I don't.

I don't care about the pageantry and everything else that goes along with this nonsense.

The networks are covering this as if it is the most important story in the world--which it isn't--and this morning, I went from channel to channel during the early morning news shows, and this is what they were feeding to us.

Why any American would care about this is beyond me. We could have had a king here, but George Washington said that he wanted to be known as President.

So why the gushing over what is happening across from the Atlantic Ocean.

I have a theory, and it is based on my wife's fascination with this event.

I think this is a female thing.

Even in today's modern world, young girls are brought up to believe that they will one day meet their own knight in shining armor, a man who will sweep them away off their feet into wedded bliss.

Women like to feel like queens, and you roll this into one ball, and you get this fascination with what is going on over there.

Men don't have this fascination because we know we will meet the right girl at one time or another. There is no fairy tale to it.

Honestly, I don't know a single male who cares about this wedding, but it seems that every female does.

Do remember the Princess Diana saga? This person, to me, was about the least fascinating person in the world, but her travails of being a royal wife made international headlines.

On a personal note, yes, I am recording the wedding for posterity ... not mine, but I guess my wife's. She insisted that I record it for her, just as she wanted me to record Princess Diana's funeral.

Being the good husband, I did what she wanted. Heaven knows when she will watch this, but it will be ready today.

I know I will have no interest in watching this, but my wife, like just about every woman, just loves this type of stuff.

Me, I really don't care.

Let's go Yankees!


  1. Oh gee whiz, i missed another Royal Wedding?!

  2. I don't think you missed much. The same pomp, pageantry and nonsense that women love and men hate.

  3. You cared enough to write a blog about it!



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