Friday, May 11, 2012

Rant #734: Baseball, Not Diamonds

Yesterday evening after work, my family and I did something that we hadn't done in quite awhile--we attended a minor league baseball game.

The Long Island Ducks, the jewel of the independent Atlantic League, played the York Revolution in a doubleheader--yes, an old fashioned, honest to goodness twin-bill--and the Long Islanders swept the team from Pennsylvania by scores of 4-2 and 16-9.

We didn't stay for both games--it was actually quite chilly, and today is a work and school day so we had to call it a night early--but it was fun seeing minor league baseball close to home.

No, there weren't too many diamonds on the field--I would classify this type of baseball as Double-A level at best--but it was still fun.

We had great seats, had a nice dinner in the stadium's restaurant, and while the game isn't involving like going to a Yankees game, it is a nice experience for what it is.

Some of the players logged time in the major leagues, and are using this as a showcase to get back to the Big Time.

Others had cups of coffee in the affiliated minor leagues, and they would at least like to hook up with a minor league team's farm system.

And for others, this is really their last stop in professional baseball, and they are just trying to string it out as best they can.

And that is fine with me. Guys playing for something beyond money is kind of refreshing, to say the least.

You won't see major league-level action here, but for anyone who loves baseball--like I do--you could do worse but to spend some time out at the local minor league team's ballpark.

I had a nice time, and would like to go again--but when it is warmer.

Speak to you again next week.

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