Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rant #736: Passing Fad?

As incredible as it may seem, nearly half the people polled in a recent survey believe that their beloved Facebook is a passing fad.
Forty-six percent of those polled in an AP/CNBC poll say the social networking giant is likely to "fade away as new things come along," while 43 percent predict it will be "successful over the long term."
All of this has come about as Facebook's long-awaited IPO draws nearer. According to the poll, half of Americans say Facebook's asking price is too high.
Just one-third think the company's expected stock market value, which could reach $100 billion,  is OK, while 50 percent say it's too high.
I don't have any money to invest in it, so from my viewpoint, its worth in dollars is irrelevant to me. 
However, its worth in what it is--a social networking tool--is much, much greater.
Those who use Facebook the right way--to connect with others--from their current lives or their past--have no problem with it. It is a major part of their lives, and they visit it often.
However, there are people who use Facebook the wrong way, to further their own personal gains, whether it be for amusement or to hurt others.
Kids of a certain age, let's say those under 15 or 16 years of age, should not be on Facebook.
It is pretty much the Wild West on the site. Anything goes, and it can hurt these young kids to see and be a victim of the nonsense--including bullying and predatory practices--that goes on there.
It can be harmful to their still-developing psyches.
Thus, I feel that Facebook should be a pay service. Users should pay a nominal fee to gain access to what Facebook offers. 
Sure, this won't prevent every kid from getting onto the site, but it will thwart plenty of them from entering a world that they can't yet fully understand.
So, the bottom line is this: I personally like Facebook, I am on it at least several days a week, and I use it the right way, to speak to current friends and people from my past--and to trump up this blog.
But I wish it was regulated a bit more. People shouldn't be able to post things that are harmful to others in a bullying type of way, and I wish that Facebook would take complaints a little more seriously than they do now.
But otherwise, is it a passing fad or something that is more of a trend than a fad?
I don't know just yet, but used wisely, it is a great place to visit, but honestly, I wouldn't want to live there on a full-time basis.
There's more to life than Facebook, and if people are allowing their lives to revolve around this thing, well, I feel sorry for them.

(And what isn't a passing fad is that today is my daughter's 24th birthday. I am very proud of her, and I wish her a great birthday!)

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