Friday, September 7, 2012

Rant #800: The Big 8-0-0

Today, we reach 800 official blog entries on this site.

Over the past few weeks, I may have doubted that we would ever reach this number, but we did reach it, even if I’m limping to the finish line right now.

The number 800 is an interesting number. It is perhaps most well known as the number prefix you dial for toll-free numbers, as in 1-8-0-0-whatever.

Nothing really happened in the year 800 that bears worth mentioning here.

But it’s a number with a lot of circles in it, if nothing else.

Nobody has hit 800 home runs in Major League Baseball, although in Japan, Sadaharu Oh supposedly hit more than 800 dingers—868—during his career over there.

I don't know much else about the number 800, other than we've reached it here.

Thanks for continuing to visit this site, and thanks for giving me enough strength to reach this number.

Here's for another 800--at least.

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