Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rant #806: Naked Prey

This fascination with the royal couple has got to stop.

But if you publish topless photos of the future queen, I guess even people who could care less about her will take a peak.

For the past two weeks, several European magazines have published topless photos of Kate Middleton, to the delight of some and to the horror of others.

Middleton, who is both pretty and skinny as skinny can be without being sick, was sunbathing at a private resort when these photos were allegedly taken.

Invasion of privacy concerns aside, this type of stuff is titillating (bad choice of words) to so many people, and there appears to be so many photos of this.

She is just there sunbathing, not doing anything lewd or worse.

But again, this is the future queen of England! For shame!

The whole thing reeks of yellow journalism, but more importantly, it shows that some factions of the media simply never learn.

Not that I was enmeshed in the worldwide love affair that so many seemed to have with Princess Diana all those years ago, but the papparzzi simply went head over heels about this woman.

She was followed everywhere, and they clung to her like old gum clings to your sneakers.

And she lost her life while being pursued by these people.

Sure, the British press isn't the ones pushing this latest episode, but shouldn't people know better?

Kate Middleton appears to have her feet on the ground a little more than Prince William's mom did. Diana seemed to be overwhelmed with her status as a royal, but give Middleton credit, she seems to be embracing the challenge.

She and William have sued these trashy magazines for publishing the photos, but I have some words of advice for Middleton, who I know reads this blog on a daily basis (yeah, right).

1) Watch your appearance, no matter where you are. They will find you. It's amazing that you can even go to the bathroom without a camera taking pictures of you.

2) It's probably better to ignore the whole thing, rather than cast another set of eyes on something that will fall by the wayside before you know it.

People in the public eye have done much, much worse than sunbathing topless. You will survive, and the world will survive.

Just watch yourself from hereon in.

And pass that advice on to Prince Harry, too.

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