Monday, February 3, 2014

Rant #1,336: Bust ... err ... Best of Ranting and Raving

Here is a Rant from 2010, Rant #331, September 13, 2010. 
And don't forget the update at the end!

"... Sheyla Hershey lives!

Who the heck is Sheyla Hershey?

She was trying to achieve fame for having the largest breasts in the world through implants. Her quest ended last week, when she underwent surgery to have her M cup implants removed due to sickness caused by the implants.

She wanted to become so huge that she actually traveled overseas to Brazil to have the surgery done. Implants as large as hers are illegal in the U.S. In fact, to achieve this size, she actually had two implants in each breast!

So Hershey--supposedly an actress of some renown on Spanish TV-- traveled back to her country of birth to have the operation, but after it was performed, Hershey became seriously ill and has since been closely monitored by a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ron Bucek, and an infectious disease expert, Dr. Shazia Gill, in Texas.

Before the most recent surgery to remove the implants, Bucek performed two other operations to help drain the infected areas, and a special vacuum had been suctioning the infection from Hershey’s body 24 hours a day for months.

She was quoted as saying, "I decided to go smaller--a lot smaller. I just want a normal size like a normal housewife has. I know it's going to be a lot of pain on me because I love to have them, but I realize that my family comes first and I love my daughter and son and they come first. Even though I love to have huge breasts ... I'm going to try to live without it. Hopefully I will be done then and be happy and just running around with my kids!"

How wonderful, how gallant, how brave this woman is!

There are photos of her on the Internet. She is not an ugly woman by any stretch of the imagination. I am sure she had a nice figure before disfiguring herself.

But why do this, and do this to such astronomical proportions?

Look at the photos. The woman looked like a freak of nature.

Why did she feel she had to do this? To please someone else, to please herself?

I just don't get it. I don't understand why women do this to themselves.

And speaking as a male of the species, there is nothing more beautiful than natural breasts--no matter what the size. And nothing phonier than fake ones.

So why do women do this to themselves?

I have no idea. But if this woman isn't one of the most absolutely stupid people I have ever heard about, I don't know who is.

She risked her life to have enormous breasts that look phonier than a $3 bill. And she risked the well-being of her kids, who by all accounts, are fatherless, or at least don't have a father in their lives--and nearly didn't have a mother, either.

All for huge breasts!

This woman is mentally ill. I don't know what she spent on these implants, but first, shame on the doctors who performed these surgeries, and second, I hope she has money left over to spend for psychiatric counseling.

She definitely needs it."

According to Wikipedia: "On February 16, 2011, it was reported that Hershey was in a coma after taking a lethal dose of prescription pills the day before, in reportedly her second alleged suicide attempt in a two-month period, just days before a scheduled breast surgery to re-enhance her bustline back to size 38KKK. After Hershey recovered from the coma, in an interview with British tabloid newspaper The Sun, Hershey is stated as having said that she was allegedly distraught over feeling "so ugly" without her world record implants, but was still considering having a breast re-enhancement surgery done on her by plastic surgeons in Mexico. On February 20, 2011, it was reported by Hershey on her official website that not only were the reports and rumors false, but that she also had a bad reaction to the medication that she had been taking, and that she was fine at home recuperating from treatment for the reaction to the medication.

"In September 2011, Hershey had another breast surgery to reconstruct her breasts, also adding 2500 cc of saline implants, gradually filling them to 4300 cc by November 2011, and increased again with additional injections to 5500 cc in 2012, for a goal size she described as 38MMM. In addition, early 2012 rumors have it that she still wanted to increase her breast size to an even larger size."

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