Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rant #1,338: More, More, More

I looked out the window today, and yes, we got another bushel of snow overnight.

I watched the news on TV, and traveling is treacherous right now.

I was told at work yesterday that one of the higher ups said that she was "sick and tired" of paying people who were staying home and not coming to work due to the storms we have had.

Well, let me cry over her proclamation.

I would rather be home with my family than take a chance on the roads as they are.

But to work I will go later today, when I can do it, and not before.

Anyway, I think the refrain of a popular song during the disco era pretty much reflects what we are going through in my neck of the woods this winter.

"More, more, more

How do you like it, how do you like it ... "

Remember the song? It was "More, More, More," one of the most remembered--and most notorious--songs of the disco era, by the Andrea True Connection.

Even if you hated disco like I did, you had to have heard or known of this song, if for nothing else than its connotation to the era that it came from.

True was born in Nashville as Andrea Marie Truden, and actually was a singer who had done a couple of commercials once she moved to New York.

But it is what she did to support herself during rough times that made this tune so notorious.

She had somehow glided into XXX-rated films, and was in a movie where this music was used during sex scenes. True had written the song.

The music had such a good beat that the Andrea True Connection recorded it on the Buddah Records label--yes, the same label that spawned the 1910 Fruitgum Co. and the Ohio Express--and the song went to No. 4 in 1976, the year of the country's Bicentennial.

The song was all over the radio, and True's fortunes changed from porn star to hitmaker.

The Andrea True Connection had several followups, including "N.Y., You Got Me Dancing," which reached No. 27 in 1977, but when disco waned, so did this act, and by 1978 or so, they were done.

She tried several musical comebacks, but could not return to her former popularity, although she did make lots of money off the royalties of that song, which was featured in numerous films, TV shows, and even commercials.

She lost the ability to sing due to illness, and died in 2011 at her home in Woodstock, New York.

But that song has "True-ly" outlived her, and you still hear it all the time.

When I look out my window, for whatever reason, that was the only thing I could think of.

But like the disco era, this onslaught we have been getting from Mother Nature will someday end, too.

When is the question, and I hope that it is really soon.

But for now, it really is ...

"More, more, more

How do you like it, how do you like it ... "


  1. My thoughts this morning went to a different song. Ice, Ice, baby!



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