Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rant #1,339: It Never Ends

My personal misery continues.

January has morphed into February, I thought that everything would return to relative normalcy, but I have found that it's the same old, same old, when it comes to the luck that my family and I have had this year.

We haven't had any. None. Nil.

The latest negative escapades are again, relatively minor, but they are nuisances that we could live without.

As you know, my car's front driver's side door hasn't had a working door handle in about a month. One day, I went to open the door, and it broke off in my hand. It is still on the door--I was able to get it back in--but it does not work.

I have been trying to get another one ordered through Kia for weeks now.

The first time, I was going in for an oil change, I put it in my online order, even called the place, and they told me that although they didn't do that type of work on a Saturday, I should bring it in anyway.

They did not hook me up with the service department, so, of course, when I brought it in, they did not have the part, but the service manager told me he would order it. He also told me the exorbitant price it was going to cost to get this thing done--nearly $300 for a part that actually costs $26.

Well, several days passed, I did not hear from Kia, so I called them, and they told me that the part was never ordered. I told them the above story, they apologized, but they did not have the part.

The service department person told me he would order the part for me, and he asked me to call again the following week, which was yesterday, to check back.

I called, and guess what? Even he was amazed that the part was never ordered.

He told me, "I swear I ordered this part," but, of course, he did not.

Well, I tried to be calm and patient, but the crux of the matter is, and still is, where is the part?

He said he would personally order it again for me. I told him that that is what he said the last time.

I said that due to my inconvenience, maybe he could do something for me. I was thinking of price, maybe lessening the price a bit.

He said to me, "I will have the part painted, so when you come in, you don't have to wait for that."

Whoopee do.

He also asked me the question of the day. He said to me, "How are you getting into the car?"

Well, I could have told him that I took a saw and made my own sunroof to drop myself into the car, but I told him that I have been entering the car either though the front passenger door or through the back.


He has told me to call back to see if the part is in. It won't be, I am sure of it.

Yes, I think it is time to call Kia directly, and I mean their main office. I will have to look the number up.

(I did just that, called them after writing this Rant. I told them the whole story, and let them know that I wanted to be "accommodated," if you know what I mean. I hope that they got that, too. Let's see what happens.)

Anyway, I got up today at my normal 4:30 a.m. time, went into the shower, and found that we have no hot water.

I guess that is just throwing cold water on this whole thing, but I am really wondering what is going to happen next.

It is all nonsense, but these nuisance types of things really tear at you.

It's like whatever can go wrong has gone wrong--what can happen next?

Maybe if I can enter my car like a normal person can I can tell you.

The way it is going, when that will actually happen is anyone's guess.

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