Monday, January 18, 2010

Rant #174: MLK Day: A Day of Sales, A Day to Relax

I don't know how to be "nice" about this without being very blunt, but here goes:

The Martin Luther King holiday today is nothing but a day of sales for most people, a day off from the usual drudgery of the beginning of the work week.

Oh, I could be politically correct and say that the holiday is a time of remembrance, a time when we should look inward and outward and cast ourselves on the path that Dr. King made for us.

But, I can't say that.

This is a day off. A holiday to shop, with lots of bargains.

I mean, ask yourself, "Will I be reflecting today, or will I be relaxing?"

I will bet I know the answer.

Look, the holiday is well-intended. Some could argue that the holiday is not warranted, Other could argue that it is.

But to make it something that it isn't, well, it's wrong.

Do we reflect on President's Day? How much do we reflect on Memorial Day and July 4?

We look at these days as a day off, if we are fortunate to work for a company which gives us off for these days.

Me, I am working today, my wife is too, so it is a typical Monday for us.

But again, this holiday falls in the politically correct sphere which I simply won't enter. You will see on your newscasts today people in church, others talking about the work of Dr. King, and I know President Obama will make some type of speech about Dr. King.

That is all fine and good, but again, it's the politically correct way to go.

Sure, I may be cynical, but I am also a realist. For every person that reflects today, there are thousands that are sleeping later than normal.

If you want to see a remnant of Dr. King's work, I can give you one, one that I guarantee is making him smile as he looks down at the world.

My white, Jewish son is hanging out today with his black friend, and they are going to see a movie which stars an Asian actor (Jackie Chan).

Well, I don't know if it is exactly what Dr. King wanted, but it shows that friendship--and entertainment--sees no color.

And I guess in a minor way, that is what Dr. King wanted.

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