Friday, January 22, 2010

Rant #178: John Edwards' Baby

So I hear that John Edwards finally admitted that that baby that he was rumored to have fathered is actually his.

Heck, until this admission, I thought it might have been Tiger Woods' love child.

The ex-Senator and former Presidential candidate finally fessed up, saying that he fathered a two-year-old daughter with his former mistress and video production firm head Rielle Hunter.

What's worse, he did all this while his wife, Elizabeth, was battling cancer.

Edwards said that he hopes that when his daughter gets older, she will forgive him for the lies that he made trying to cover up this mess.

Edwards is also being looked at by federal prosecutors in North Carolina for his campaign finances regarding Hunter, whose firm was paid at least $100,000 in 2006 alone.

This guy is a piece of garbage, plain and simple. How he thought he would be able to cover this up while running for the top office in the land is beyond me.

I mean, this is not the Kennedy era, when everything was kept hush hush.

And, this guy is no Kennedy, even on a good day.

There are also allegations that he tried to pass off the fathering of this child on someone else, a real dope who was going to take the rap for this.

Can you believe all this? You can't make this stuff up.

Now, his wife is suffering from terminal cancer. She said that her family was relieved at the admission, and that now, her marriage concerns could be just hers, and not the general public's business.

You have to really feel sorry for his wife. She is not going to be here much longer, and has had to put up with this nonsense for many months now, all the while battling a disease that is slowly eating away at her very being.

And as for Edwards, he should be ashamed of himself. Any positive spin that he attempts to put on all this is really for the crapper. There is no positive spin. He cheated on his wife, and cheated on her when she was ill.

He should just fade into the woodwork and go away, Permanently.

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