Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rant #180: Gary's In Trouble Again

Remember my post a little while back about Gary Coleman, where I said we should give this guy another chance?

Well, I guess I am about to go for different strokes ... er, change my tune.

Coleman was released from a Utah jail on Monday after being arrested over the weekend on a warrant for failing to appear in court.

There was a domestic disturbance call on Sunday, and Coleman was arrested on the warrant and booked. The warrant is related to a domestic violence charge filed against Coleman in August.

I doubt that Coleman is reading this, but if he is, I would tell him the following:


Stop all the nonsense. Get into counseling. Forget about being a superstar actor anymore, it isn't going to happen. Get over it. Move on.

Again, use Ron Howard as an example. Howard knew his days as an actor were numbered, even when he was on "Happy Days." He was a cute, talented kid who had become, well, a talented adult. He was smart. He moved behind the camera before it fell on him. Look at what he has done.

Gary, do the same. Direct. Produce. Stay in Hollywood, but not as an actor. You have so many experiences. Don't tell me you couldn't use those to your advantage behind the camera.

People laughed at Howard when he directed the Roger Corman quickie "Grand Theft Auto," but they weren't laughing anymore when it brought in millions of dollars.

You can do the same.

Please do it. Do it for yourself, not for all of your hangers-on.

Just do it. And do it now.

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