Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rant #232: Working Harder Keeps You Employed

A new study put out by MetLife puts into focus what I have been saying for ages: companies are working their employees much harder now, taking out their frustrations on them that have been brought on by this recession that we are in.

According to the study, many companies have increased employees' workloads and put a higher priority on productivity since the recession began.

Also, employers have generally held the line on core benefits, such as life insurance.

Retaining benefits have come at a price for employees: the study found that they have to do more to justify their benefits.

The findings of the study coincide with what I have been saying all along: employers dangle the carrot of benefits in front of you, and you just have to grin and bear the increased workload you are getting.

Nowhere in the study was there evidence that employers were increasing their employees' salaries while extending their workloads; the promise of health insurance has pretty much put that notion to bed.

At my place of work, I know that my workload has increased measurably. I am now writing for two of our trade books, not one like I had been doing for more than a decade.

Morale is down in my department, because I am not the only one to be given much more to do, with much more "ranting and raving" by our employer and thus, less job satisfaction.

I am not saying this to be a crabapple, but it is what is happening in my place of business.

And raises are not forthcoming, like they used to be.

We used to not have to ask for a raise; we were usually given something small each year, which basically placated us from ever asking for something more.

But those days are gone. Raises are not given in that way anymore.

Although the prices of just about everything have gone up during the past few years, my paycheck still reads the same number.

So, I did what I had to do for the peace of mind of myself and my family ...

I actually asked for a raise!

I haven't had one in a couple of years, and I thought it was a good time to do so.

People are making money during this recession, although I am not. My expenses have jumped several percentage points, and I really could use some extra money in my paycheck.

So I have taken a chance.

The powers that be have not gotten back to me on this yet, but I will get back to you when I find out if it is a "go" or a "no."

I'm banking on the "go."

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