Monday, April 26, 2010

Rant #242: A Crisis A Day

My father's surgery went fine. This time, he had a competent doctor who knew what he was doing. In fact, the surgery went so well that he went back to work today, and his vision is excellent right now.

Onto the next "crisis" ...

As for our family's television provider, we use Dish Network. The only reason we use it is for the price. Their customer service is horrendous, we don't get all the channels we want, and whenever there is a storm brewing, there is a potential problem with the transmission.

But you can't beat the price.

I recently got fed up with them, and decided that our bedroom TV would get Verizon. I made the appointment about three weeks ago, and the technician was supposed to come on Saturday to hook us up.

I also had an appointment at my car dealer for an inspection and oil change on the same day.

After I had that work done, I hurried home to wait for the technician to come to the house. The hours piled up, but the technician never came.

I gave it a little more time, and then called Verizon. They said I never made an appointment, which was wrong, and I told them so. In fact, I had the work order number in front of me, which cinched the deal.

They sent a technician over in minutes, we were hooked up in no time ... and because I raised a fuss, they gave me the installation for free, a $79 value.

Crisis averted.

The only crisis was watching the Yankees lose to the Angels on the YES Network--one of the channels Dish Network does not carry for a variety of idiotic reasons--on Sunday afternoon.

Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.

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