Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rant #238: Celebrity Drug Dealer

I am sure that you have read that Michael Douglas' son, Cameron Douglas, was sentenced to five years in prison on drug charges yesterday. He was caught dealing cocaine and methamphetamine.

While the judge didn't buy Kirk Douglas' grandson's story, evidently, numerous family members did, with more than three dozens letters on Cameron's behalf written by family members pleading for leniency.

According to reports, Michael Douglas' letter actually stated that his son was a "victim of celebrity" (my words), being the child and the grandson of a famous person.

Wow, I wish that we all could use such an excuse!

The judge correctly ruled that the younger Douglas may have "bottomed-out" with his drug usage, as so many of the letters stated, but that he was not a good candidate to stick to his drug rehabilitation without jail time. The judge also said that not one letter pointed to the fact that drugs are a detriment to society.

Once again, the privileged believe that because of their success, they can get away with anything. If the younger Douglas is a "victim of celebrity" (my words), wasn't Michael Douglas himself a "victim of celebrity" (my words)? Why didn't he turn out so bad?

This is utter nonsense, and the judge correctly saw through it.

The younger Douglas is a drug pusher, a common one at that, and a scourge to society in his present state of being. He must both be punished and given a chance to rehabilitate himself. Once he does both, he can re-enter society and maybe even make a positive mark on it.

But to claim that he did what he did because he is the son and grandson of famous people is absurd. How many sons and daughters and grandchildren of famous people actually stay out of trouble? I would say that the majority do. You only hear about the ones who don't ...

Such as Cameron Douglas, a felon who tried to get off because his family are enablers.

Maybe they should serve the time with him.

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