Friday, November 2, 2012

Rant #838: Gas Attack

Yes, I consider myself and my family to be very, very lucky when it comes to Hurricane Sandy.

Other than two hanging wires on our block that will have to be fixed, as well as a tree that toppled over on our neighbor’s lawn, we really didn’t have too many problems with the storm.

But just go about one-quarter to one-half mile away from us, and you will be in God’s Country. It really is that bad.

The one obstacle that we are going to have to face is the lack of availability of gas.

Lines are long, people are getting nervous, and gas deliveries are being handled as almost the second coming of the Messiah for those without gas.

I fueled up my car on Saturday morning, not because I felt the coming storm would disrupt matters so much, but I was most worried about the jacked-up price of gas after the hurricane.

Now, I don’t think too many people are really caring that much about the price; they just hope they can get the gas.

Right outside our window at work is a gas station, and the lines at this station have been something I haven’t seen since the gas crisis in 1973 or 1974.

And people’s tempers are starting to flare up. It’s one thing to wait for gas, it’s another to wait a whole day for gas.

The people who own hybrids are probably laughing their butts off now.

That is, unless, they need to charge their cars. With so many people not having electricity now, where does it leave these owners who don’t have any power?

It’s a mess, a real mess, and it doesn’t look like it is going to improve anytime soon.

Me, I still have a little less than three-quarters of a tank, so I am not in need of gas right now.

But come early next week, I will need to refuel.

Where do I do it and when?

I will probably be better off to find a 24-hour station that has gas and go late at night or in the early morning, which means I will have to fill up on Saturday evening-Sunday morning.

Me and a million other guys.

What a pain in the butt this is!


  1. All The Best To You Sir
    The Gasoline Shortage Seems To Be The REAL Problem
    Of Course Your Hardship Is National News
    I Live In Dallas TX
    Again, Your Blog Let's Me Know
    How A Real Person Living This Life
    That It Is The Value Of Blogging

    Again I Hope You Are Well My Friend

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Sam.

    The lines are still here, and waiting times are still ridiculous. Don't believe what you read ... so far little to nothing has changed as far as the gas situation. I am hoping by the end of the week, things will get back to normal--because by then I will need gas again. I can't foresee myself spending 10 hours on line like I did this past weekend (four separate waits for two cars).



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