Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rant #837: Back to Normal (?) Part 2

Everything is trying to get back to normal after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy, but it isn't going very quickly.

Mass transit is trying to come back to order. There are some limited trains--Long Island Railroad and New York City subway--but the going is still tough, as most of the lines are still out.

More and more people are now able to get back to work. This was a "vacation" that nobody foresaw or really wanted.

But there is still lots to go before we can be back to "normal."

For one thing, the schools have yet to open, and I seriously doubt that they will be open again this week.

In my community, many continue to be without power, and probably won't have power for days, if not longer.

Most banks are not open, so if you want to make a deposit or take money out or pay your bills, you may be stuck (my wife's bank is one of the few that is open).

Supermarkets are open, but most without power. You can forget about chill or frozen goods. You can't get them, and the availability of canned and shelf-stable items is dwindling.

Driving continues to be hazardous without lights to guide you.

People are doing funny things on the road, because they don't have the lights to slow them down.

And gas. That has become another problem.

Many people didn't take this thing seriously, and now find that their car's gas tanks are low. So they are filling up now, but so many are filling up, that gas availability is low and getting lower.

The lines are unprecedented, reminding me of the gas lines we experienced in the 1970s during gas rationing.

Right outside my place of work is a gas station that remains open, but after yesterday--with hundreds of cars trying to fill up--I wonder if they will be open again today.

Yes, I went to work yesterday. We were fortunate to have power, but no Internet or email, which hampered us to a degree. Most of us were there, and most of us still do not have power at our homes.

No, we are not even near normal right now.

It is going to have to take baby steps to get back to normal.

So right now, I don't even know when that will happen.

(And as a sidelight, this Sandy is a "he," not a "she." So why is everyone, including the so-called informed news media, referring to it as a "she"?)

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