Monday, November 5, 2012

Rant #839: Over and Out

I am going to make this brief, because my eyes are bothering me big time once again.

But this weekend was bad, really bad.

As I predicted, getting gas was like finding a needle in a haystack/

I waited at a total of four stations for two cars. Two I was able to get gas at, two I wasted hours and hours of time and came up with nothing.

Most people were civil.

However, when I filled up my wife's car's tank, I had a slight incident that was perpetuated by the police who were there to patrol such things.

I was sent over to a specific pump, and someone cut the line and took my place.

I got out of my car, and screamed, "Someone cut the line!"

A cop came over and shouted to me, "This is a gas station, and there is no shouting here."

I reiterated what I said, and he told me to get back in the car or he would physically remove me from the premises.

The guy who cut me off not only fills up his car, but takes out a few gas cans.

I get out of my car, and talk to another person pumping gas.

The same cop tells me that if I don't get in the car, he would throw me out of there.

I went back into my car.

I should have known.

As I approached the service station, I asked another cop what price gas was here, because many places had been price gouging.

He tells me, "80 dollars."

Yes, I should have known.

Better luck next time.

But at least my wife and I have gas.

So many people don't, and the lines haven't gone away so quick just yet.

Hopefully, we will only have to bear with this until the weekend--when I probably will need gas again.

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