Monday, November 26, 2012

Rant #851: Back to Business

Today we all get back to business after a long Thanksgiving Day weekend.

I had plenty of turkey this weekend. First, we had our own annual Thanksgiving Day feast.

I ate so much turkey that I was ready it explode; it was that good.

Then, on Saturday, we went over to my brother in law and had more turkey.

I watched myself at this one, what with the long drive and coming home late. I didn't eat much turkey, but enough to make me content.

Mix that in with turkey salad leftovers, and I was really happy that my wife cooked my son and I meatballs and pasta last night.

Did you shop 'til you dropped?

This morbid fascination with buying everything in the store at all hours really doesn't do anything for me. I didn't think there were that many bargains out there, anyway, although the way the department stores were advertising them, you would think they were giving up the store.

They weren't.

And as I thought, those protests about workers having to work on Thanksgiving fell to deaf ears.

Sure, the stores should not be open on the holiday, but until people stop wanting to shop on that day, the stores will be open.

And nobody says anything about other people who have to work that day. What about those working in restaurants, supermarkets, and the like ... why do they have to work?

The protests were nonsensical, and when I heard that many were manned not by people directly involved in the stores, but by Occupy New York imbeciles and their brethren around the country, I knew that the whole thing was a bunch of nonsense.

But anyway, we are all back to business today.

The holiday is but a memory, and now we have to go back to work.

I woke up at my usual time, went through my usual ritual to get ready for work, and in about 45 minutes, I will be off to the races.

Even though the holiday is a relatively long one, it goes fast, and this year, I had lots to be thankful for.

This was a good holiday, and I hope your holiday was as good as mine.

Now, "Back to the salt mines," as Mr. Rutherford used to say on "Leave It To Beaver."

The digging begins ...

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