Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rant #836: Back To Normal (?)

Today, we get back to normal.

Or do we?

I called up my work last night, spoke to the vice president who is holding down the fort (another story for another time), and he told me they had power, but no Internet.

I kind of find this hard to believe, since just about every area in that town is without power, but he says we have power, well, I have to go into work today.

I supposedly have physical therapy today. I called the office, but the message has not been updated since Monday, so I have no idea if I have it or not.

My wife has to go into work, and she has a later shift today, so at least she can sleep a little bit.

But here's where things are not getting back to normal, not getting back to normal by any stretch of the imagination.

My son still doesn't have school, and based on the enormous way our town was hit, I don't really know when he will have school again.

From what I have heard, there are no traffic lights operating throughout my county, so when I drive, I am going to have to be extra, extra careful.

And for those who lost their homes, well, things won't be getting back to normal any time soon.

People still can't get out of their neighborhoods, and can't get to work because mass transit remains a mess.

On a side note--and I do really mean that, since to most people, this mention is really inconsequential--the Nets are going to play the Knicks tomorrow night in the Barclay Center in Brooklyn.

This is the first game of the new NBA season for both teams, and thus, the first season game at the new arena.

But to show you the stupidity of it all, the Barclay Center has been touted as being at the center of transportation in the Metropolitan New York area, right at the Long Island Railroad train stop and surrounded by subway stops.

The problem is that nothing is running. Nothing.

No subways, no railroad, limited buses, and some cabs.

So how is anyone going to get there? You really can't even drive there, because there is no ample parking around.

Mayor Bloomberg has vowed to be there. Of course he said he would be there, once again showing to the masses that he is better than they are.

What is one supposed to do, walk there?

Anyway, this is the first day that we try to get back to normal, or at least the first day we try to get back to normal.

But for some, what is normal, especially when your home has been washed away by this terrible hurricane?

I don't know. I just don't know.

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