My wife has tasked me with a job that I have put off for quite some time.
I have to clean up my daughter's old room.
When she was a kid, being a kid of divorce, she spent a few days a month sleeping in that room, and it was made up to reflect her likes as much as I could do it.
We used to tell her that she was actually lucky, because she had two bedrooms, one with her mom and one with me.
That only worked for a few years, but now that she is 25, the likelihood that my daughter will ever spend another minute in that room is just about nil.
So I have turned it into my computer room, my hobby room, my room to keep everything and anything that is me.
And yes, it has become a bloody mess since I have taken over the room.

(But no, it is not the mess in the picture provided here. I just used that to illustrate what a mess is. The room is nowhere that bad.)
There is stuff all over the floor, all looked down upon by shelves that were designed to hold my record albums, of which I have many, many, and, well let's say, I am brimming at the seams with LPs.
I also am using her old chest of draws to store my 45s, singles of my youth, and yes, I have lots and lots of those too.
Also, I have recorded CDRs and actual CD albums all over the place, too, and this makes the room look like it was hit by a hurricane.
But I like it that way, as I know that everything is where I can find it.
The problem is that my father-in-law is going to be staying with us for a week in late October, and the room can’t be a mess because he is not as steady on his feet as he used to be.
He will be sleeping in that room on the couch/bed we have in the room, and there really can’t be anything on the floor that he might trip and fall on.
I have started the process, but it is a tough one.
It was compounded this week by us having some work done around the house by a handyman. 
One of the things that he did was to paint our son's room, and talking about a bloody mess, that was it.
No, the paint job was fine, but like me, my son is a collector.
His direction is wrestling DVDs, of which he has a few hundred.
To get those out of the room, and to make the room ready for a paint job, was a pain.
The paint job now being done, we had to get everything back where it was supposed to be, all the furniture just right in the room.
The three of us did that last night, but it was a back-breaking pain in the neck. The handyman placed everything nearly back in place, but to get it actually back in place, well, my back ached well into the night from doing that.
And the DVDs aren't back yet. That is the job for tonight.
Back to the other room ...
Yes, it still looks like it was hit by a hurricane, but within the next two weeks, it will be cleaned up.
It often looks like a job for Superman, but I think I can handle it.
I think ...