Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rant #1,055: "Baby Blue"

I am sure that you have heard by now that the old Badfinger chestnut "Baby Blue" has regained new life, as it was featured in the final scene of the popular TV show "Breaking Bad."

The nearly forgotten song has been catapulted to hit status again by its inclusion in the show, and it is nearing the top 10 in digital downloads (and sales) as we speak.

This has happened before, and has happened several times throughout the years.

Most recently, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" got new life as it was featured in the final episode of "The Sopranos."

During the vinyl record age, it happened several times. One time that I distinctly remember is when the film "Stand By Me" came out in the 1980s, and the old Ben E. King hit was revitalized, making the Top 20 again.

I love "Baby Blue," have loved the song since it came out in 1971, and I also am a big fan of Badfinger, the band led by Pete Ham and Joey Molland.

They had other hits, like "Come and Get It," written by Paul McCartney, but "Baby Blue" was written by Ham, and I have it in my collection with its picture sleeve (see above, and it was bought at the old Sam Goody record shop by me).

Yes, Badfinger sounded like the Beatles, and "Baby Blue" is no exception, with a hook as deep as the ocean.

I don't watch "Breaking Bad," but I have been told that it was perfect for that episode because of the "blue" reference and the lyrics to the song.

"I guess I got what I deserved ... ."

Badfinger, itself stands as rock's most tragic case, with two band members committing suicide and another dying early, all supposedly linked to bad business deals, lost money, and never reaching the heights predicted of them.

Sure, a lot of that is all talk and conjecture, but I will bet the producers of "Breaking Bad" took that into consideration when they chose the song.

But overall, for whatever reason, it is great to hear the tune once again, and I am glad someone had the foresight to use it.

Now, I don't think there will be a renaissance for "1-2-3 Red Light," but there is always hope for the songs I love, I guess, and this example proves that.


  1. Being a Badfinger fan also
    I couldn't be happier Baby Blue is getting a new life!
    Goes to show not everyone is diggin' today's Pop Music.
    Chewy Chewy or Yummy Yummy
    I think would have a better shot at a revival.
    Of course, it would more than likely be for a commercial. HA!

  2. Perfectly crafted pop songs were Badfinger's forte, and this is about my favorite of the several hits that they had. It is so said what happened to the band members, but their legacy lives in the music, and I am sure that Pete Ham's estate is making out very well now with this song, and Joey Molland will get some new exposure through it too.



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