Friday, October 18, 2013

Rant #1,066: What I Like

As you read yesterday, I do not like the annual nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

They never ring true to me, never demonstrate to me that the people that vote on performers who they think belong in this thing have any clue about what they are voting on.

No, I don't like that.

But there are many things that I do like, so I decided to make a list of my likes.

Maybe you will find some of your likes on this list, too.

I like "Retro" television: I much prefer the old TV shows to the new ones, and to me, the old ones are much better written, have better characters, and are simply more interesting than the new shows that are out there today.

Every day, I record shows like "Bachelor Father" and "My Three Sons," shows that are so well crafted that you have to ask yourself, when was it that TV fell off the cliff like it has.

I like baseball and basketball: No, I am not happy that the Yankees are not in the playoffs this year, but I just enjoy watching baseball. It is the purest of all the major sports, and really, the most dramatic. It has the longest season, and during those 162 games in 180 days, just about anything can happen, and often does.

Basketball is another great sport, not up there with baseball, in my eyes, but a great sport nonetheless. Sure, I root for the forever hapless Knicks, but this is the sport featuring perhaps our top all-around athletes, and on the excitement level, it is at the top of the scale.

I like my car: When I bought my Kia, or actually financed it, more than five years ago, I really did it out of desperation. I really didn't have very much money, but my 13-year-old car had finally died, and I needed a vehicle badly.

My Kia Spectre--a model they don't even make anymore--hasn't given me the least bit of trouble. I have taken it up and down to Orlando several times, and it has held up with nary an incident. I would by another Kia in a flash now. They are not flashy, but they are well-put-together vehicles that give you everything they have, and more.

I like Lance cracker snacks: At work, sometimes I need something to get me through the day, and although I don't munch that much at work, I always bring with me Lance cheese crackers with the peanut butter filling inside.

They give me a great pick-me-up, and they are one of those little things that I liked as a kid and I still like as an adult. For a light snack, they are perfect until I get to lunch, and I buy them for $1 at our local Dollar Store ...

I like Dollar Stores: You do save lots of money shopping Dollar Stores, and my family and I have shopped them for years. Sure, you can't buy all of your groceries there, but you can buy snacks, some health and beauty care products, paper goods, and many other things there.

And you never know what they are going to stock during a particular week, so it is almost akin to having fun while you shop. They now carry lots of major brands, so if you know what you are shopping for, you can save plenty of money shopping these stores in concert with shopping the regular supermarket.

I like to write: Can't you tell? I can write many people under the table, but the very existence of this blog has to do with the fact that I can write all day at work--which is what I do for a living and what pays my bills--and write this blog too.

Some people, particularly on Facebook, do not understand this, look at me as a self promoter because I do put up links to this blog on that social networking site. That is only to drum up visits here. I genuinely enjoy writing, always have, and probably, always will. I just hope that you enjoy what I am writing, too.

And moving to the next level, there are things that I truly love.

I love my wife, my son, my daughter, my parents and my overall little family.

But I think if you read these columns, you already knew that.

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  1. It’s KIA, so for sure there’s nothing not to like about your car. Too bad it died after 13 years of being in your service. You said you'd like to buy another KIA in a heartbeat if it’s possible. I hope you managed to replace your highly-efficient car with another well-put together vehicle by KIA.

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia of Fishers



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