Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rant #1,068: Again

There has been another school shooting, yesterday in Nevada at the Sparks Middle School, and again, myself and probably you, too, are asking ourselves why is this happening?

I have no idea.

I am not a psychologist, nor am I a social researcher, but without going into the shooter's mind, I would have to say that the availability of guns, once again, is the culprit here.

Once again, like what happened in Connecticut, the shooter got his arsenal from his parents stash of weapons, according to some sources.

Look, I know that most people who keep guns in their homes do it safely, put it under lock and key, and go about their business without anything ever happening.

But here again we have an instance of a mentally unstable person having easy access to weapons.

I do not understand the gun culture, and probably never will.

I do not understand why guns must be kept in the home.

And I do not understand how having a gun available is going to be used for protection, used to prevent anything from happening.

Yes, we have the right to bear arms, but it has gotten to the point where our forefathers who gave us that right would, if they were alive today, question how we have twisted and turned that into something that I dare say they didn't foresee all those years ago.

And no, I don't buy this theory that it is the person who should be looked at as the culprit here, not the gun.

Yes, there are problems with out mental health system, but no, sorry, the person is to blame, yes, the person pulls the trigger, yes, but the problem is the ready availability of firearms, and the availability of firearms to people who don't understand, or don't care about, the consequences.

You can't "ban" guns. They are out there, and people who want to get them will get them, through legal or illegal means.

But those who decide to keep them in their homes had better have a good reason to have them there.

All it takes is one unstable person to again steer the debate about possessing guns into another chapter.

All I can say is that do we want any more chapters added to this book?

I don't think so, but what can be done about it?

I really don't know, but all I know is that a gun will never be in my house.

I don't think it prevents anything, I don't think it solves anything, I don't think it serves as any warning to anyone.

And that is what I feel today, a day after more needless violence has erupted again, all because an unstable person had access to guns, supposedly from his own home.

How sad that is.

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