Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rant #1,058: Here and There

Now that the Reunion stuff is over and done with, I can finally give my full concentration to things that I have kind of passed over recently.

I notice that gas prices are down, way down. 

I can get gas in my neck of the woods for less than $3.50, certainly the lowest price I have paid for gas since 2012, when my family and I drove down to Florida on vacation for the final time and in certain places we could find gas for $3.

This is all good, but I don't expect this to last.

You just know that we will be paying near $4 a gallon again sometime in the near future.

Also, is the government shutdown really effecting me?

Well it is at work in particular, where the military commissaries had been closed since last week, and I couldn't get in contact with those people at all.

Since most of the commissaries have been open since yesterday, that is a good thing for people who rely on them, and for me, because I rely on them too, but just in a different way.

But overall, this shutdown is absolutely crazy. Our legislators all have agendas, and they don't care about their constituents at all. What else is new?

I would vote all of them out when their terms are up--and I do mean all of them. It doesn't matter what party they are, vote them out. They have proven, collectively, that they are not worthy of a cushy seat that we vote them into in Washington.

It is the only right thing the common person can do, to voice our disapproval for this political nonsense that is juggling people's lives.

How about Miley Cyrus?

I don't get this singer/actress, or purported singer/actress, I just don't.

Sure, she wanted to leave behind her previous teenage "Hanna Montana" persona, and that is fine.

But to parade around the way she does ... is this what they call entertainment?

Put your tongue back in your mouth. You may be smart, but you have absolutely no talent whatsoever.

And, did you know that Thanksgiving Day and the first full day of Hanukkah are on the same day this year, November 28?

This makes it especially difficult to keep the two holidays separate for Jewish families, so I guess you can kill two birds with one stone by celebrating two holidays at once.

But with my family, it is even worse.

My dad's 82nd birthday is on November 30, so we will be celebrating three occasions at once in my house.

Is there anything else on my mind that I need to talk about?

No, not right now, but I will bet that there will be more tomorrow.

Speak to you then.

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