Friday, July 11, 2014

Rant #1,246: Mercifully, the End of the Week

This has been a very long week for me, and I am glad that it is just about over.

If it is not one thing, it is another.

I seem to be in a tangled web that even though I am doing the right thing, it just seems that I am stuck, because it ends up being the wrong thing.

Work has been a horror show this week.

I don't mind being busy--it makes the day go faster--but being ridiculously busy is another thing.

And I lot of this nonsense could be easily avoided, but I am in a workplace where little bumps in the road are made into cavernous potholes that are difficult to dig out from.

No, it's not me who is creating this situation, but heck, I am just an employee, and I don't have much of a say in how things get done.

Now, the latest wrinkle in the week, which has nothing to do with work ...

The accident that doesn't go away, that keeps on giving me nothing but heartache, is back to rear its ugly head once again.

My own insurance company is going after me for money, claiming that I had some type of agreement with the other insurance company, and that this puts them in a position where money paid to me has to be recouped.

This is obviously a mistake, and I will set them straight today. I have no idea what agreement I made, nor what they are insinuating, but they are not going to get any money out of me ... they are supposed to be representing me in such situations, not accusing me of wrong-doing.

I am sure it is a misunderstanding, but I will get to the bottom of this nonsense bright and early this morning.

My wife told me about this when I got home from work yesterday, and after a hard day at the job, this was certainly the last thing I needed to hear.

I am steamed, didn't sleep well last night, and my eyes are bothering me today.

Need I say more ... this is the accident that keeps giving, and me, the victim, and my family, also victims of somebody who didn't know what he was doing on the road, have had enough.

Heck, my family and I could have been killed in this accident, and the insurance company--my own insurance company--has the gall to go after me for money?

Please ...

And please let this week end already.

I feel like the guy in the movie "Network" who screams, "I have had enough and I can't take it anymore," or whatever he said.

That is the way I feel now, and let's see what happens today.

Enough is enough is enough is enough is enough is enough ....

(P.S.: By about 11 a.m. est today, the situation with the insurance company was all but resolved, although the other company is sticking with its claim that I was at least partly at fault for the accident. This is truly idiotic, but the main contention they had was found to be completely false, and they have withdrawn that entirely, thank goodness.

And if someone takes their car, goes completely though s Stop sign, doesn't see the other driver, T-Bones that driver, knocks the car over with such force that it turns over, and totals out the car that was hit, how can the other driver have any fault on his part for what happened? Let's see how this thing plays out ... .)

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