Monday, July 14, 2014

Rant #1,247: Swat-Sticker

I am sure by now that you have heard that a plane flew above Long Island beaches late last week towing behind it a sign that enraged many beachgoers.

Evidently, in the midst of everything else going on in the world, there is an organization that wishes to change the perception of the swatstika ... yes, the very symbol of Nazi hate during World War II, a symbol so notorious that 70 years after the conflict, it still makes people sit up and notice.

This group claims that the swatstika was once a peaceful symbol, and they want to reverse what people think about it, and the plane with the sign is part of their campaign to reverse the symbol's image.

Sorry, I am not buying that, but I have heard this lament before.

The swatstika--sort of a bent out of shape cross--symbolized everything that was wrong with Germany's stance under Adolph Hitler during the second World War.

It also symbolized hatred, mainly against Jews, as well as many others.

As we all know, that hatred continues to exist both here and around the world.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of extremist groups looking to wipe out Jews in this country and worldwide, and look at what is happening in the Middle East right now.

Incidents like the Israeli strikes against Hamas--an organization whose main goal is to wipe Israel off the face of the map--make some people crazy, and their true colors come out against not only Israelis, but Jews in general.

And don't tell me that this pro-swatstika thing isn't a byproduct of this recent hatred, even though the group that supports this stance has been around for probably at least a decade.

I remember in the early 1970s, Donovan came out with a single called "Atlantis," about the mythical land under the sea. It was a big hit, but it also created an incredible amount of controversy, because on its single picture sleeve cover was a reversed swatstika.

The explanation was that this was actually a peaceful symbol, but even though the song was quite a hit, I don't know if I ever bought that--or perhaps Donovan was a little naive on the way things really are in the world.

I remember in the late 1970s and early 1980s, riding the Long Island Railroad to work in Manhattan. One day while we rode in, at one of the stations--as station in a community with a large amount of Jews living in it--was a very prominent swatstika that was drawn on the walls of the one of the stations.

I remember seeing this along with my fellow passengers, and we were outraged, and saddened by it.

In these pre-cell phone days, all one could do was wait until we got off the train to voice our complaints, and by the next day, the swatstika was gone.

This latest incident is simply the newest of the bunch of similar incidents, but this one tries to justify its existence by saying what it believes the swatstika really means, trying to "educate" us on the true meaning of the symbol.

Hogwash! Whatever the "true" meaning of the symbol, it was taken by Hitler's Germany and used to signify out and out hate.

And no matter what anyone says, that is what the symbol represents.

And the bringing out of the "plan" now simply perpetuates anti-Semitism, which is on the rise in this country and around the world.

One part of the banner actually had the nerve to put together the swatstika with a Jewish star.

I mean, what type of world do we live in where we have people who truly and firmly believe this nonsense?

I know that local authorities are trying to ban such "advertising" from happening again, but why did they allow it to happen the first time?

Yes, I do believe in free speech, but when the speech is hurtful like this thing, then it is not only hateful, it is unnecessary.

And if one can't figure out the true direction of this supposed organization, I feel sorry for you ...

And for the world for allowing this type of hate to fester.


  1. As a student of history I have come to understand that the Nazis took an ancient symbol of good fortune and turned it into a symbol of hate. The folks who are trying to rehabilitate the symbol may be misguided and insensitive, but I am not about to attribute hatred and bigotry to a group that claims to be peace seeking. Not when there are so many other groups who are more up front about their feelings and intentions.

  2. And more

  3. I completely disagree. To be doing this now--when the Middle East situation is at its peak--shows how much hostility this group is trying to elicit. They bathe themselves in supposedly trying to resurrect an old symbol for what it "truly" stands for, but in actuality, they are perpetuating anti-Semitism. I don't buy their bill of goods for one moment.



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