Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Rant #1,252: Writing About Nothing

Hello, and welcome back to the Ranting and Raving Blog.

There, I have just used up a line.

It is very difficult to write fresh, new columns every day--or at least five days a week--like I do right here.

It is fun, but difficult.

There are days where I have plenty to say--whether I am talking about Archie Comics, or what is happening in Israel right now, or even if I am talking about my own personal quirks, like hating to wear a tie to work each day.

And then there are days where I have to make up things literally on a whim, because for one reason or another, I don't really have anything in mind to write about.

Nothing out there is really catching my eye--if I can even see out of them, which, today, my allergies are by and large preventing me from doing.

My allergies are really bad today, hitting me in both eyes. I can barely keep my eyes open to focus.

Rain is coming, it is very humid out, and that is certainly the culprit.

But whatever the case, I have found that after 1,200-plus entries here, it is often very, very difficult to come up with something new.

Sometimes, the actual writing process fuels me, and I come up with something interesting, new, fresh, and something I personally can be proud of.

And other times, I come up with a dud.

I am sure the professional columnists, those who do this for a living, probably say the same thing.

I am sure there are days where they can write until their fingers are blue, and on those days, they probably write more than one column--one to use immediately, one to store away and use on days when they just don't have much to say that they can plug into the hole and use any time.

You can't always have diamonds. There are some days where you just write about what you write and then put it away.

I feel like today is one of those days. I have written about every subject under the sun, and today--perhaps because I am in some discomfort--I don't really have anything solid to write about.

It happens, I guess, and today, this is truly a column about nothing, a Rant about nothing, whatever you want to call it.

But, as you know, I only take a weekday off from this column if I have some personal business to attend to, or it is a national holiday, and that isn't set in stone, either.

Sometimes I write about something, even on those days, too.

But today, I guess it really is approaching the dog days of summer, and I just can't pinpoint anything I want to write about.

It is akin to a baseball player having an zero for five day at the plate, or a basketball player putting up his shots but never swishing the basket.

I am swishing today, I am striking out today, and, just stay with me when I come back tomorrow.

I am sure that I will have something much more substantial to write about.

Today, mighty Larry has stuck out.

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