Monday, November 24, 2014

Rant #1,329: Old Goldies

And I thought Bill Cosby was having a bad few days ...

This was another strange weekend for myself and my family, pretty much on par with many of the weekends we have had this year.

In the middle of everything, our kitchen sink pretty much broke.

The faucet cracked after many years of use, and now, water spouts out of its side through the crack.

Hopefully, we will have a plumber come in and fix it ASAP.

Then, my computer broke down.

It would not boot up when I wanted to use it on Friday night.

I brought it into a repair shop, and hopefully, I will get it back tonight.

Right now, I am typing this on an old Mac, which is also ready to go, and my allergies are killing me, to boot, so you will have to pardon me if i make any mistakes in my typing here.

Anyway, between the faucet, the computer and my allergies, I was really fit to be tied this weekend. All of these "old goldies" just don't perform like they once did, but my family and I did see some old codgers this weekend who really are just about as good as they ever were, only showing some minor wear and tear.

On Saturday night, we saw the "Hot Autumn Nights" tour at Westbury Music Fair--NYCB Theater, or whatever it is called now--and we saw some acts that are oldies, but definitely still goodies.

The Buckinghams and the Grass Roots--with two original members and zero original members, respectively--opened the show, and they did their perfunctory hits.

Pretty good, brought back lots of memories, but they were true opening acts, paving the way for the headliners.

Peter Noone was one of them, and his "still in perpetual motion" act is as engaging as ever.

He makes a real connection with the audience, whether he is singing his massive catalog of hits as Herman of Herman's Hermits or joking with the audience.

Still youthful at 67, and his voice pretty much hasn't changed in 50 years, so when you hear "Mrs, Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter" or "I'm Henry VIII, I Am," they sound as authentic and energetic as ever.

Tommy James followed, and what can you say about James that hasn't been already said?

His act isn't as high energy as Noone's was, letting the music pretty much speak for itself.

He can still perform, still sing, and pushing his book and future film, he can still rock in between.

Incredibly, James' music holds up very well more than 40 years after the fact, and that is why so many modern rockers cover his songs.

"Crimson and Clover" ... heck, even "I Think We're Alone Now" sounds fresh.

So, some oldies do hold up, even after years and years of use.

I just wish that my computer, kitchen sink and body could say the same, but hey, you really can't have it all, can you?

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