Monday, December 8, 2014

Rant #1,337: Royal Flush

So the Royals are in New York City.

No, not the American League Champion Kansas City Royals, who will be in New York City during the 2015 baseball season.

We are talking about the British Royals, who are staying at the Carlyle Hotel in Manhattan during their brief stopover in Manhattan.

All the fascination over the Royals in this country really throws me for a loop.

Why we care about this is beyond me.

We could have had our own Royals in this country, but George Washington did not want to be called "King" here. He wanted to be called "President," and the rest is history.

But seemingly since that time, we have been intrigued by the Royal Family over here as much as we are intrigued by the family of whoever the sitting President and his family is.

Why are we so interested in the Royals, I ask?

I really think that this is a gender-based thing.

Yes, I am going to sound like a male chauvinist pig, which I am anyway, but women seem to be fascinated with the Royals way more than men are.

I think it has to do with that "fantasy" that a lot of women grow up with that their "prince in shining armor" is going to come and whisk them away in the most romantic fashion.

Somehow, that translates to the Royal Family, and everything they bring to the table.

And then there are the pregnancies, the ups, the downs--Princess Diana, for one--the failures, the triumphs.

This appears to me to be a female thing, something that men don't get into, and from what I saw on television last night, applies once again.

I would say that the crowd that had been waiting for hours for them to come was about 98 percent female, and I bet the only males there tagged along with their other half.

But whatever the case, they will be at the Brooklyn Nets game, where I am sure they will meet up with our own royalty, in the name of Lebron James, affectionately known as "King."

That is the only "royal" that men care about, for sure.


  1. The royals are far more interesting, and have far more class, than, let's say, the Kardashians.

  2. But they are treated the same way by their adoring fans, mainly females, in the U.S. I haven't heard such screeching since the Beatles came here 50 years ago.



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