Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rant #1,339: Some People Should Be Ashamed of Themselves

I read about this late yesterday, and I still cannot believe that this has actually been put into place.

Columbia Law School is allowing students to request postponements of their final exams if they are suffering from what are being called the "traumatic effects" of two recent grand jury decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and New York, where police were not indicted in the deaths of two unarmed black men.

Robert E. Scott, the school's interim dean, announced this policy in an email, and according to the New York Times, a small number of students have had their exams pushed back because they have been "traumatized" by these decisions.

Scott said the law school consulted with Columbia administrators to gain approval for this policy, which he said is in accordance with the school's procedures for accommodating students who are experiencing trauma during exam periods.

Well, as far as I am concerned, Columbia University, their law school, and just about every lawyer worth his or her salt should be ashamed of themselves and their profession at this decision.

Law school is not easy, nobody said it was. It is not easy to become a lawyer, nor is it easy to become a doctor, a teacher, a writer, or a garbage man (sanitary worker in these PC times).

Why are people so traumatized that they cannot take their exams? Is it because they are out marching against the "social injustices" supposedly perpetuated by these instances, and haven't had time to study?

I am not a lawyer, but can you imagine a lawyer going into court and telling a judge that he or she was "traumatized" by something, and due to their "trauma," asked for a postponement of a trial? What would a judge say in that instance?

To me, we are coddling people who have been coddled their entire lives. Unfortunately, this generation has been given everything to them on a silver plate, seemingly, and the university is coddling to them again by allowing them to put off their exams.

The most interesting thing about this is that while the law, as it stands, supports the police in both unfortunate instances, those shirking their exams are the future lawyers of this country, the lawyers who could actually help change the laws so these incidences never happen again.

Yet they want to postpone their exams ... because they are traumatized?

More likely many of them are so tired from marching and yelling and screaming about something that they do not yet understand that they haven't had time to crack open the books and study.

I guess that is what is called being "traumatized" today.

Maybe I will use that at my place of business.

I am so "traumatized" at these events that I cannot work. I need to put off working for a few days while I get my head together.

Yes, hello unemployment line, because that is where I will be going, and most of us will be going, if we ever pulled that canard.

Again, there is a lot of shame to go around here, and it starts with Columbia University itself.

What a joke. It is time, yes it really is time, to get back to reality, don't you think?

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