Monday, December 22, 2014

Rant #1,346: Blood On Their Hands

This weekend was a bloody one in New York City.

Two cops in Brownsville, Brooklyn, were senselessly shot down in cold blood, ambushed while they were eating lunch in the middle of the afternoon.

The gunman, a mentally deranged individual with a long criminal record, had posted on social media that he was going to New York to kill police officers.

He ended up killing himself.

But with all the stuff going on about the supposed brutality of police officers to the young black population, this incident showed that not only can the reverse also be true, but that some people have accountability issues in New York City right now.

This gunman was black, his targets were Asian American and Hispanic American.

Look, nobody is denying that the gunman was a nut case, but I do think that the current environment we live in--where the police are being looked at as the enemy of the people--is spurring the nuts to come out of their shells, almost giving them, in their own minds, a reason to go after police officers.

That is certainly what happened in this case, and other cases are cropping up, too.

Almost concurrently with this tragedy, the police picked up another crazy person, who allegedly also put on social media that he was going to kill police officers.

And who do we blame for this environment?

Well, in New York City, look to Gracie Mansion, the home of the mayor, and the nest of one of his top confidants, a tax evader who is best known as a race baiter, the ultimate race baiter from hell.

Mayor Bill deBlasio has set himself up as public enemy No. 1 of the police department, his own police department, by making inflammatory statements against the police in the aftermath of the two tragedies that happened in Ferguson, Missouri, and right here in his own backyard in Staten Island, New York.

The one that incensed the police department the most was the one that said that his son, who is biracial, has to protect himself against the police, because by his very nature of being biracial, he was a target.

Again, we are talking about the mayor's son, probably the most protected kid in New York City.

And the contentions of the mayor that the cops go after to black kids is ridiculous, and incendiary.

He has been told by police officials to stay away from police funerals, and I am sure that when these two policemen are buried, he will be told to stay away.

Then we have the case of Rev. Al Sharpton.

The less said against this race baiter the better.

He is a liar, a scoundrel, a scourge, and that is saying nice things about him.

However, he has worked himself into the inner circle of not only the mayor, but seemingly our own President, and even into Sony, as he stuck his nose into their email mess.

Anything that gives something of a legitimacy to this individual, the person who perpetrated the Tawana Brawley hoax and never apologized for it, among other anti-white actions, is a piece of garbage in my book.

After this latest incident, both deBlasio and Sharpton issued released where they said that brutality against the police will not be tolerated, but they ring so hollow as to be almost non-existent.

There is a war in New York City, and it is a war against everything that is right and good, and it is being led by deBlasio and Sharpton.

And you know who is also to blame for this current environment?

The people of New York City.

They voted in this mayor, who used the race card to his advantage, and they give legitimacy to this supposed reverend, a supposed man of the cloth.

For that, they get what they pay for.

And the faction that has marched in all of these protests, they also get part of the blame, too.

Sure, they have every right to march. It is their right as citizens of this country.

But their overall behavior, lauded my many, has deteriorated, and deteriorated greatly.

And the reason that it has is because it has, once again, given every nut a reason to go out and cause havoc, much like what happened during the "Occupy New York" nonsense of a few years ago.

These protests draws the unstable like flies to honey, and recent skirmishes with the police demonstrate that.

And let's not forget the role the media has played in all of this, making this into a circus.

Unfortunately, if you make your own bed, you have to lie in it, and that is what has happened to people like deBlasio, Sharpton and the like.

But the blame really goes all around, and that is the saddest thing about this whole environment.

My personal condolences go out to the families of the slain police officers, and let there be no such similar episodes ever again.

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